The symbol of the hand depicts the calling of Christ for fellowship and to worship Him. At the same time Paul reminds us in  1 Corinthians 12:27 You are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” As Christians we are therefore Christ’s Body – his hand – in the world. The fingers are different but are all of equal importance. Therefore the diverse members and their different gifts are called to have one purpose and to serve in unity.

The sturdy brown cross reminds us of the centre of our Christian faith; the pain, suffering and death of Jesus for us. It also symbolizes the joy and new life of his resurrection.

The flowing red drape symbolizes the Holy Spirit. He enables the love of Christ, which is exemplified on the cross, to flow through the hand into the world. The drape is also a symbol of Holy Communion, which empowers us to run the race of faith.

The grapes and leaves remind us that we are called to grow and bear fruit as Christians and as Congregation through our words, deeds and lifestyle.

The hand is pointing to a blue circle, which symbolizes our blue planet. Christ sends us out into the world to make disciples. 

Purpose of  Harburg Congregation:

To live as and to grow the Body of Christ in the world.

We have 6 Main Ministries in our Congregation:

1. Fellowship Ministry. We strive to create an environment conducive to spiritual growth, service and good interpersonal relationships in the body of believers.

English Services: Every Sunday at 09:00

German Services: Three Sundays a month at 09:00

Brass Band Practice: Mondays at 17:30 / 18:30

Choir  Practice: Three weeks before special event

English Home Group: Wednesdays at 19:00

German Home Group: Thursdays at 19:00 twice a month.

Youth: Once a month

Senior Citizens: “Fröhlicher Morgen” once a month.

Stammtisch”: Second Tuesday of the month

We endeavour to have fellowship with other Lutheran Congregations and foster Inter-denominational relationships.

2. Property Ministry. We are committed to manage and maintain the assets God has given us, in a responsible way and use them for His purpose.

We make use of the Church and Congregation Centre (C.C.) to gather for fellowship and worship during  Sunday Services. The various rooms in the C.C. are also used for Sunday School and  Intercession. It also contains the Resource Centre which has books, videos and CDs. We also have our own Cemetery with a Memorial Wall. The Church Hall is used for larger functions. The old School Buildings have been developed into a Retreat and Conference Centre.

3. Shepherding Ministry. Our goal is to prepare and equip God’s people for works of service and discipleship.

This is done through preaching, teaching, leadership development and strategic planning. During the year courses are offered to help people to grow in faith. We also help members to discover, develop and employ their gifts in order to serve the congregation and community.

4. Care-giving Ministry. We endeavour to care for and serve people, especially those in need.

Our Care Group looks after the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our members and community.

The Women’s Auxiliary caters at functions and takes care of tea and flower duties on Sundays.

5. Outreach Ministry. It is our aim to create opportunities to draw people into the Kingdom of God.

Members are encouraged to invite friends to our Services and Functions.

Harburg Orphan’s Project (HOP) feeds some orphaned children with nutritional and spiritual food.

Farm workers’ Outreach is done through a trained evangelistic pastor

Zulu Literature: Bibles and Hymnals are subsidised. We keep our members and friends informed through the START Newsletter.

6. Stewardship Ministry. We gladly and faithfully administer God’s resources in an accountable way.

We have an Annual Budget which is tabled at our Annual General Meeting. We ask members to help us to meet the budget through a self-assessed contribution (give proportionally). During the year there are fundraisers for various projects; the largest is the Tour de Krantz Cycle Race.  The finances are used in accordance with our purpose:

To live as and to grow the Body of Christ in the world.